A Message From City Hall
Welcome to the Smithville City Hall website. This website is meant to serve as an informational tool for the citizens of Smithville or anyone interested in our local government. You will find information on about everything that makes up the daily operations of the City of Smithville or who to contact if you have questions. Check back often as there will be updates on the latest city projects and current events.


Police, 615 597-8211
Randy Caplinger, Chief of Police

Fire, 615 597-4141
Charlie Parker , Fire Chief

Sewer Plant
, 615 597-7875
Bobby "Bear" Pinegar, Supervisor

Water Plant
, 615 597-5696
Todd Bowman, Supervisor

Public Works
, 615 597-4745
Kevin Robinson , Director

Animal Control
, 615 597-1363
Monica Summers
David Summers

Airport, 615 597-4049
Wesley Nokes, Manager

Beth Adcock, Police Records Clerk
Candy Gregory, Accounts Payable/Payroll Clerk 597-6318
Dana England, City Court Clerk 597-4745
Holly Anderson, Tax Dept Clerk 597-4745
Jan Wilkins, Water Department Clerk 597-6318

Office Hours
Monday - Friday, 8 A.M. - 5 P.M.
Saturday and Sunday, Closed